Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant

Shui Mai and Prawn dumplings

Shui Mai and Prawn dumplings

I’m not much of a fan of weekend yum cha. While being surprised is fun, I get more antsy waiting for my favourite tidbits to arrive.

The first two dishes kicked it off to a strong start. The filling in the prawn dumplings was generous although the skin could have been more delicate. The shui mai was fairly middle of the road, although I had a gristly bit in one and only one had prawns.

BBQ Pork steamed buns

BBQ Pork steamed buns

These were sweet and fluffy and perfect.

BBQ Pork

BBQ Pork

If you love the BBQ pork steamed buns, why not have a plate of BBQ Pork? I did! The pork was tender and even between two it wasn’t onerous to finish.

Weird sugar and sesame buns

Weird sugar and sesame buns

These looked tasty in the bottom shelf of the cart. We tried. We had some regrets.

The sugar crystal inside

The sugar crystal inside

There was just too much sugar! The sesame seeds took the edge off a little.

No fried goods appeared so this was the end… A definite downside of weekend yum cha (although we could have flagged down a waiter!)

I was happy with the overall quality, but next time I may visit a little later in service or go on a week day when I can order off the menu.

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