Yum Cha at Marigold



Marigold is a great place to go for Yum Cha. It’s busy and bustling with efficient staff and a range of food options. The dumplings were fantastic, as were the prawn toast, the prawns on eggplant, and the fried prawn parcels. The steamed BBQ pork buns deserve a mention, light and fluffy and sweet, with a tasty interior which may have been a little stingy on the pork! We also had green beans which were fried and crispy.

I didn’t get many pictures because I was too busy eating!

It was fun flagging down the carts and choosing different delicious morsels. My only letdown dish was the salt and pepper squid, which had probably spent a tad too much time being wheeled around the dining room before we were given it.



Wow! The desserts were pretty good. The doughnuts were light and airy, made of choux pastry. The mango pancakes were a highlight dish for me, with a light thin pancake wrapped around a slice of fresh mango and cream.

I highly recommend visiting Marigold for Yum Cha! The four of us left feeling extremely satisfied.

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  1. Sadly they closed their sister restaurant the Regal (or maybe it is just being renovated – I don’t know). Same food but less busy/noisy. Table position is everything at yum cha.

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