Milk tea, Chrysanthemum tea

Milk tea, Chrysanthemum tea

After reading UTSFoodguide’s farewell posts, I decided to visit a few of the top destinations listed. To begin, I ordered a milk tea set (comes with awesome pandan custard and bread at the end for an extra $2 – worth it!), while my food buddy went for chrysanthemum tea. The milk tea was deliciously sweet. I was hoping it’d line my stomach for what was to come.

Kao klook kapi and massaman curry

Kao klook kapi and massaman curry

We started off with a yummy rice salad featuring pork belly, and massaman curry. It was a great mix of flavours. The massaman was beautifully rich and satisfying with tender beef. We ate most of it but left some for when we finished our next dish…

Kanoom Jeen - Gang gai

Kanoom Jeen – Gang gai

Gang gai, our spicy pick, a red with chicken. I also put a plate of crunchy veggies together to take the heat off. We ordered it not too spicy, as I am not hugely into spice but enjoy a little heat. It was the sort of heat that starts of slow and builds the entire time you’re eating. When I finished, I ate some more massaman and felt really satisfied!

Toast and pandan custard

Toast and pandan custard

We finished our meal with toast and pandan custard. It was a great way to end, although I could have eaten more pandan custard!

Caysorn is great. It’s a classy looking establishment serving quality food with some really exciting options that I’d like to go back and try. Try it out.

Caysorn Thai on Urbanspoon


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  1. yum! Pandan custard sounds amazing ! :)

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