Chinese Noodle Restaurant: no thanks

I’m a dumpling and hand pulled noodles lover. Dumpling King in Adelaide will always be my favourite. Quick, cheap, tasty, fried and piping hot, with delicately flavoured insides. Shanghai Night in Ashfield is pretty darn good too. Chinese Noodle Restaurant on Bathurst Street in the CBD is great, both dumplings and noodles.

Chinese Noodle Restaurant on Quay Street in Haymarket now boasts the tiniest, filthiest establishment with the worst noodles and dumplings I’ve had so far.

Upon entering, we were seated in a corner. The fan happily buzzed over my head, providing all other diners with an air stream. There was even a baby cockroach on my table, which I stared at, along with the waitress. I brushed it off the table after realising the waitress wasn’t going to do anything. I should have walked out then but I’m pretty laid back about my food. I’m just as happy sitting on the street side restaurants found all over Vietnam. Sure, there’s a little dirt and some of the more rodent like fauna sharing your space, but nothing too heavy.

We get the attention of a different waitress when we’re ready to order, and ask for hand pulled noodles with beef, as well as a plate of pork and chive dumplings. We drink some tea.

We get served hand pulled noodles with chicken and egg and chive pan-fried dumplings.

Chicken hand pulled noodles

Chicken hand pulled noodles

Compare that to my dish from Chinese Noodle Restaurant (Bathurst Street) and you might see why my stomach sank a little.

Next up were the dumplings.

Egg and chive pan-fried dumplings

Egg and chive pan fried dumplings

Unlike Dumpling King, pan frying here involves thick, doughy skins being a little browned. There was no real crunch factor. The egg was tasteless. The brown vinegar didn’t lift the taste because there was no real taste to lift.

This is probably my least positive review. I am a dumpling fan. I am a fan of cheap restaurants. I feel I’m not that picky and it’s pretty easy to make me happy. I felt pretty depressed.

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