Dumpling King, Newtown

I visited Dumpling King last Sunday. Not Adelaide’s famous Dumpling King, and it was a little more expensive. It still tasted great!

Pork and chives dumplings

Pork and chives dumplings

The dumplings were nice – not as good as Adelaide’s Dumpling King, but better than the Chinese  Noodle Restaurant. I love the vinegar that comes with these! Sorry about the very dark photography tonight.

Hand pulled noodles

Hand pulled noodles

Hand pulled noodles with veggies were nice and disappeared quickly!



This was yummy with nice salty oyster/soy sauce pooled around the edges. It was perfectly cooked, not too soft or too crunchy.

There was also a plate of chilli eggplant that was spicy and richly flavoured with plenty of oil soaked into the eggplant flesh.

Overall, Dumpling King was great. I’d definitely go back, although there are so many other places I want to visit!

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