Chicken rice at Singapore Shioke

Hainan chicken at Singapore Shioke

Hainan chicken at Singapore Shiok

For my third chicken rice post, I bought Hainan chicken from Singapore Shiok in Eating World. It’s pretty difficult to pass up a chance to eat at Gumshara but I had to try the chicken rice that plenty of people on the internet have positively reviewed!

For a dollar or two extra I got a lunch set, which included a soup and a plate of greens. The greens had a nice flavour but a bit of bitterness. The soup was very peppery. The chicken was a little tougher than both Ito’s Malaysian and Sayong’s versions. The rice was yummy, and the chilli sauce lacked ginger.

Altogether, though, it was great. So far My favourite is probably Ito’s, then Sayong’s, but Singapore Shiok is both generously portioned and tasty. In contrast, Ito’s is smaller so less value. Sayong and Shiok are both generous serves.

I think I could happily eat any of the three. I’ve yet to try a bad chicken rice in Sydney!

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2 responses to “Chicken rice at Singapore Shioke

  1. I just went to Gumshara the other day and saw the poster for this place on the street. Will give it a go :)

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