Hot Star large fried chicken


Hot Star large fried chicken

Hot Star large fried chicken

I visited Hot Star last week. After a busy opening week, the lunchtime crowds have died down a little and there wasn’t a long wait. For my $7.90 I got a darn big piece of fried chicken breast, covered in crispy crumbs and moist and juicy on the inside.

Hot Star chicken inside

Hot Star chicken inside

I started out strong and I did eventually finish it. The exterior has plenty of flavour. It doesn’t get boring fast. The chicken was hot the entire time I was eating. I found myself picking the last bit of chicken and crumbs off of the bones when I got to the end, but I spent the afternoon feeling overfed. I would recommend it as a snack shared between two, although if you’re bulking I guess it’s fun to switch up your chicken breast flavours!

I recommend Hot Star for some delicious fried chicken. Large fried chicken.

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4 responses to “Hot Star large fried chicken

  1. yum! cant go past a delicious giant piece of fried chicken goodness :D

  2. that is a massive piece of chicken!

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