Alpha on Castlereagh

I went to Alpha for a work lunch. It’s definitely a business lunchtime favourite, and with a little side café and coffee shop there is something for everyone at Alpha.

The restaurant is still new, but has been around for long enough to have found its feet. Our group ordered the banquet menu, which is a great idea if you’ve got a crowd and want to try a range of dishes.

Alpha baked kalamatas

Alpha baked Kalamatas

The banquet started off with a stoneware pot of oven baked kalamatas, as well as charred pita bread and a trio of dips (eggplant, hummus and taramasolata). Everyone raved about the olives and all three dips. Baked olives go gorgeously soft when hot, and the stone retains the heat. They had a deep, rich flavour. The taramosalata, one of my faouvirte dips, was fantastic – as good as, or better, than Gaganis’!

Alpha fried haloumi

Alpha haloumi saganaki

I’m going to keep raving about the food – here is the haloumi saganaki with tomatoes and lemon (and ouzo!) It was squeaky and delicious. The lemon added an intense sourness and was the perfect flavour to combine with the cheese and tomatoes. This disappeared quickly.

Alpha spanakopita

Alpha spanakopita

I’ve always been a fan of filo pastry, stuffed with sweet or savoury fillings. This spanakopita was perfectly crisp on the outside, with a gorgeous crust of filo pastry rolled around the edges and a tasty spinach cheese filling.

Alpha Greek salad

Alpha Greek salad

I love real Greek fetta. This seemed to be the Dodoni (so I used to work in a deli and eat it all day, I know what I’m talking about!). It was perfect, with a mix of tomatoes, capsicum and Kalamatas hiding underneath. It helped to cut the richness of the next dish.

Alpha lamb shoulder

Alpha lamb shoulder

This may just be the best piece of meat I’ve ever been fortunate enough to consume. The tzatziki provided a refreshing creaminess and the meat was so tender that it fell off the bone. This was ridiculously tasty and enjoyable. We polished off the lot, right down to the bone, then ate some more salad.

Alpha loukamades

Alpha loukoumades

These loukoumades came with candied walnut icecream. The fried doughnuts were crisp on the ouside and soft on the inside, in the way that very light yeast dough can be.

There’s a few things I would like to try on the menu (namely, everything I didn’t try this visit!) I highly recommend Alpha. Perfect food, not pretentious.


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2 responses to “Alpha on Castlereagh

  1. Omg I want to try those loukoumades. Can’t go wrong with lamb at the greeks haha

  2. looks like a lovely feast! I could totally have some of that haloumi right now!

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