Vietnam Sunrise

Vietnam Sunrise hot pot cashews

Vietnam Sunrise hot pot cashews

When I was down in Adelaide last, I visited Sunrise Vietnam. I’d never been when I lived in Adelaide, though it was closer to my house than my favourite haunts such as Pho Thanh. The reason was, it looked too classy, and thus too expensive.

Things are different now. If I want to spend more than $15 on a single main, I’ll do what I want! Sometimes that still means I’ll avoid the place; other times, I’ll give it a try. I’m giving it a try. I still love my cheap and cheerful places more.

Here’s the chicken cashews hot pot. It was pretty tasty.

Vietnam Sunrise coconut curry

Vietnam Sunrise coconut curry

This coconut curry was creamy and flavoursome. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was nice.

Vietnam Sunrise salt and pepper squid

Vietnam Sunrise salt and pepper squid

Crispy, a little chewy, not as tasty as the classic Chinese dish.

Vietnam Sunrise pork ribs

Vietnam Sunrise pork ribs

This was just sweet and sour pork, with a crispy batter coating on the pork.

Vietnam Sunrise lemongrass chicken

Vietnam Sunrise lemongrass chicken

Good old lemongrass chicken. I thought the lemongrass flavour could have been stronger. For some reason, when I see a dish like this on the menu, I think it will always be that dry, “fresh” flavour of the lemongrass chicken or pork you get on a banh mi. It was saucy, but still delicious!

Look, it’s good, but drive up to Days Road or something, and treat yourself! (Or further down Henley Beach Road there’s the old school but tasty Viet Thai Restaurant, or down on Grange Road there is the fabulous Betel Leaf Cafe).

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