Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks, Sydney

Lowenbrau Keller meat platter

Lowenbrau Keller meat platter

The classic meat platter. It has a fancy name, but I think Meat Platter works well in this situation. There’s all the types of the sausages and the big pork knuckle with crispy crunchy crackling to top it off. There’s even vegetable matter hiding under there!

Lowenbrau Keller chicken schnitzel

Lowenbrau Keller chicken schnitzel

This was a really nice schnitzel. It wasn’t deep fried with batter an inch thick. The crumbing was delicate, the meat was moist and overall it was well presented. I relished this dish and would recommend the schnitzels here. Better than your average pub, although sometimes pub schnitzel is what you need.

Lowenbrau Keller desserts

Lowenbrau Keller desserts

I wouldn’t bother ordering desserts again. They tasted like Sarah Lee desserts. Mostly fat, no substance, cooked from frozen. Disappointing considering how well the food was presented, and how great the mains tasted.

But visit for the meats!

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