Pat a Cake bakery

Pat a cake bakery peach and passionfruit sponge roll

Pat a cake bakery peach and passionfruit sponge roll

I’ve been a fan of Pat-a-Cake bakery for years. They have some of the best baked goods that are obtainable without making a trip to the countryside. I was a little disappointed at this visit’s sponge roll – the cream was a little overwhipped. However, it’s usually a massive, soft sponge roll, filled with cream, and a few different flavours (I bought peach and passionfruit – it’s a fantastic flavour combination!)

This sponge roll is nothing like those hideous jammy, crunchy, slimy outsided monstrosities that you buy from the supermarket. The sponge is proper sponge, with proper fillings, and it’s only $7.95. This thing is huge, by the way! Another favourite are the bar cakes – especially carrot.

If you’re looking for individual meals, their pasties are great, as are the berliners, fruit flans and other desserts. I have always been a fan of cheese and vegetable pasties. The only downside here is that they baked the cheese to the outside. I prefer that my cheese a gooey mess in the middle.

If you’re around the area, drive down Duthy Street in Malvern and check these guys out!

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