Orange Spot Bakery – Glenelg

Orange Spot vegetarian pastie

Orange Spot vegetarian pastie

Orange Spot is a popular bakery. It’s good, I’m not sure if it’s as good as it thinks it is (charging me crazy prices for food!)

The veggie pastie was more expensive than the normal pastie. This goes against everything I hold dear. I love meat, but I had it in pasties. Who do they think they are? On the other hand, it was a nice pastie. It’s a pity they don’t do cheese and veg, my ultimate flavour combination.

Orange Spot custard tart

Orange Spot custard tart

Normal custard tart. I don’t buy them, myself. I find the shell is always too soft and rich, the eggy exterior is nice, but Portugese custard tarts have stolen my heart.

Orange Spot custard berliner

Orange Spot custard berliner

I love berliners. This is no exception. Yummy custard, oily yeasty sweet doughnut exterior, icing on top. No complaints, except that Pt Elliot Bakery’s berliner is bigger!

Orange Spot chocolate eclair

Orange Spot chocolate eclair

Spongey soft crispy eclair. I’m not sure how it managed all of those things at once. It did.

Check Orange Spot out. It’s a little busier than it deserves but it has some good, solid offerings in the baked goods department.

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