Yummy Thai Food

Yummy Thai Pork Leg Stewed

Yummy Thai Pork Leg Stewed

Usually a trip to Sussex St food court isn’t complete without eating at Ramen Ikkyu. I’ve branched out! I love ramen but after eating it once a week for around three months straight, I found I need something new. Yummy Thai had some positive reviews online. Check out some of those pictures – much more visually appealing. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to choose, but I love tender, melt in your mouth meat, so I decided to go for the pork leg. I’m glad I did.

It was amazing. The pork was stewed in a rich broth of star anise, cardamom and other sweet, pungent ingredients. It was finished with coriander and complemented with a small saucer of chili vinegar. I ate this meal with a fork, no need to use a knife as the meat just fell apart in the nicest way. The broth at the bottom mixed with the plain rice and was yummy. The chili vinegar was fantastic with the meat.

This was an enjoyable meal – I’d highly recommend checking Yummy Thai Food out! Go go go!

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