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Jazz City Milk Bar

After taking an extended hiatus, I’m back – and I’m all about Jazz City Milk Bar!

I visited today at lunch time, but was unlucky with timing after being seated soon after a large group of people. It definitely slowed things down, but our waiter was lovely.

Even more lovely was my BBQ beef burger with a side of sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and lightly salted. I was very impressed, after my super soggy “thrice cooked” chips from Neil Perry’s Burger Project last week (Neil, why would you put your name on something if it’s not good? Is that really a good idea?!).

I was enjoying my sweet potato fries (more “chips” really) so much that it took me a while to stop and get into my burger. When I got there I was still impressed! With a toasted bun (unlike Burger Project’s)… It was the same general bun (hamburger topped with sesame type) but a little larger and denser – definitely stood up to the filling and not becoming a soggy mess (ugh come on Neil Perry!) but the best part… It was a lovely mix of crisp, tasty bacon, a juicy patty, some token veggies that in no way detracted from the burger as a whole, a delicious smoky BBQ sauce and some fantastic sort of relish on the underside of the top bun.

It was really good.

Go try it.

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Chur Burger, Sydney

Chur Burger is just a burger place. They make the whole gamut of burgers, contenders in all basic meat categories with the token vegetarian offer.

I’ve been a little over-burgered lately. There was the Town Hall pub in Balmain with their amazing veggie burger, a lacklustre contribution from the Paragon Hotel down in Circular Quay, and now Chur Burger, who, it could be argued, should be taken a little more seriously. All they do is burgers!

I’m just sad because Adelaide has this amazing burger chain called Fancy Burger, and an amazing American style food truck called The Sneaky Pickle. I never miss places like these more than when I try their counterparts. Sneaky Pickle knows Reubens, pulled pork, po’ boys and the rest. Their flavours are complex and pack a real punch.

Chur Burger’s pulled pork was good, can’t deny it. But I wonder if they pulled the pork to pieces and felt they were done. Where were the spices? The intricacy of flavour? Sure, the mayo was nice. The burger as a whole was  nice. The old sugar bun, Mr Brioche, was sandwiching some meat between his buns. Everything was good. It just wasn’t amazing.

Chur Burger pulled pork and beef burgers

Chur Burger pulled pork and beef burgers

The day was grey. Apologies for the photo. It’s a new phone (Nexus 5 in bright red!) and the camera is taking some getting used to.

I’d recommend trying these guys out. They are in no way offensive. They are good. They are not the best.

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Just before I left Adelaide for Sydney, I visited one last burger joint with a foodie friend of mine. Nordburger serves small burgers and hot dogs. It’s a small joint with a large male following. My friend and I were the only women in the store as we left – felt like a sausage fest.

The burgers and hotdogs were tasty but too small – more like sliders, but with a higher price tag. Trendy, hip, annoying and disappointing when compared to some of the options Adelaide now has in the alternative American scene, with the advent of food trucks, including Burger Theory, Vegie Velo and Sneaky Pickle, and their brick and mortar counterparts, like Pearl’s Diner, Burgastronomy, Fancy Burger and Burger Foundry.

I’ve tried them all. Some do outshine the others. Sadly, Nordbuger is outshone.
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The Massive Munch

A new lunch time haunt. This quirky little café sells made to order sandwiches, as well as burgers, focaccias, sandwiches and wraps. Funky music plays and it looks like sandwiches are the quick option here. I tried a pulled pork burger to see how it compares to my beloved Sneaky Pickle food truck in Adelaide. The pulled pork was tender and tasty, with a hint of heat and creamy slaw to cool it down. I wish they put a sneaky pickle in it! The burger was reminiscent of the BreadTop burger buns that are used by Burger Theory, as they are sugary sweet but larger. They’re called a “Brioche burger bun” and they’re supplied by Brasserie Bread. The burger had just charred a little when toasted due to the high sugar content, but didn’t taste bad. It was a messy burger and set me back $10.00. All in all, I’d recommend checking out The Massive Munch if you’re ever around Hyde Park on Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW. The Massive Munch on Urbanspoon

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