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Pho Han

Combination broken rice & strawberry shake

Combination broken rice & strawberry shake

Pho Han makes a terrific and consistent pho. Consistency is important with Pho – no one likes a tasteless broth, and plenty of restaurants I don’t go back to let me down on my first visit.

Their combination rice is also fantastic – I love combination rice, with the yummy pork pieces – crumbed, roasted (with crunchy, salty crackling), meatloaf and pork skin noodles – on top of broken rice, with a few pickled veggies and a sunny side up egg.

While I’m usually a coconut juice fan (I love the coconut pieces and it reminds me of Vietnam and Thailand), their Strawberry Smoothie is fantastic – more sour than sweet. The iced tea (pictured below) is also a favourite because I love the jasmine flavour.

Pho at Pho Han

Pho at Pho Han

I recommend Pho Han for all your pho needs, as well as a great range of delicious dishes, and old-fashioned family service. I’ve visited this place at least 4 times in the past year and have not been disappointed.

Pho Han opened in 2012, at 93 Grand Junction Road, Rosewater.

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