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The Best Tarts are Swedish

Swedish Tarts Patisserie - Scab Cake

Swedish Tarts Patisserie – Scab Cake

Swedish Tarts Patisserie, on Semaphore Road, Semaphore, is my favourite café. Reasonable prices for unique food. They have a Swedish theme, with Elder-flower soda, and lots of smoked salmon and marzipan in their dishes (not at the same time!). I’m a fan of the Elder-flower soda. The picture at the top of this post is the Scab Cake. An ugly name for a delicious cake, with marzipan flavoured patisserie and chewy hazelnut based cake rounds alternately layered. Served with a dollop of heavy cream, it is perfection.

Aside from the wonderful cakes, all of which I would recommend, they have a yummy selection of flat breads. These flatbreads are baked in-house and filled with different combinations of ingredients. My favourite is the smoked salmon, capers, dill, cream cheese combination. Coming in second would be the parmesan, bacon, sun-dried tomato and rocket. I visit quite often.

Recently Swedish Tarts Bakery has opened, on Findon Road opposite the Fire Station.

Chicken, Lentil pies

Chicken, Lentil pies

This is a picture of the chicken and lentil pies served at the bakery. They also have magnificent cakes, and obviously closer to those who live south. They are definitely worth a visit.

All in all, a great way to enjoy a Saturday morning, with fresh food served in an interesting way. Highly recommended.
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Roll & Roll and Chatime

Roll & Roll has two locations in the City centre. I have only visited the Bank St premises. It’s opposite Australian Pizza House (oh the pizza-filled memories…). Have you visited before?

Roll & Roll make their sushi as you wait. They specialise in scrumptious (albeit more expensive than your usual) “inside out” style rolls – think Californian but with other flavour combinations. They come in four or eight piece sets. Luckily the four piece sets are pretty much half the price of the eight piece sets, so it’s easy to get four of one and four of the other. I bought the Dragon roll (4 pieces @ $4.00) which is comprised of an eel and  white wine sauce, eel, cream cheese and cucumber. I also had the Caterpillar roll (same price) but can’t remember the ingredients – salmon, fish roe, avocado – you get the picture! A touch of wasabi and a little soy sauce and you have umami.

I have to make the call and say that, while expensive, I think this is probably the best tasting and most adventurous sushi you are likely to find in Adelaide. Disagree? Tell me what you like. If I haven’t tried it, I’m always up for new food adventures!

2013-04-26 12.04.14

Sushi from Roll & Roll

Roll & Roll’s reviews:
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For dessert, I couldn’t go past Chatime. What’s your favourite flavour combination from Chatime? I have had the Peach QQ with coconut jelly before. This time I had the Matcha Latte with grape jelly. I love fruit flavoured jelly though my favourite bubble tea addition is still chocolate pudding, something I’ve only ever had in the China Town in Melbourne (ok that’s ONE thing they have over us!) I also love Chatime in general. It’s cute, with a fantastic range of drinks. Of course, prices are higher as well. $5.20 for the regular in this case, including 50 cent add-on for grape jelly.

I got this with half sugar and it was perfect. I love how it’s half green and half white when they serve it. I love the grape hubba bubba taste of the jelly. It’s perfect.

2013-04-26 12.27.01

Matcha Latte with grape Jelly from Chatime

Chatime’s reviews:
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