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Fork faces uncertainty


Food trucks are new and definitely decisive among the local community. While patrons love the opportunity to try new foods and there is definitely hype surrounding them, small businesses in physical premises are worried that they are losing business. Like this. The council has some stringent measures already in place for food trucks, only giving out a certain number of permits, having food trucks move locations after a certain amount of time, and not being able to visit the same place each day. Food trucks advertise their whereabouts over Facebook.

Fork on the Road is an event which attracts thousands of visitors, and as one of them, I can say that Fork is the reason I travel into the city. No permanent business in the city is missing out on my patronage at that time, because I would not be there otherwise.

I’m hoping that the Adelaide City Council will continue to let Food Trucks and Fork on the Road operate, as it is so important to have diversity.

Small businesses will hopefully keep their own patronage and it is easy to see why they are worried. They do have higher overhead costs (such as rent) and presumably rely on repeat customers. That said, there are some permanent businesses that I will never return to because I don’t like the food, or the quality/taste of the food that they serve. Permanent businesses should keep trying to be competitive – here I’m not talking about price, because I don’t think Food Trucks are particularly cheap. I’m talking about new, exciting and DIFFERENT flavours. I’ve loved Viet rolls for years. I love Pho. I like eating Bibimbap. Show me where the dumplings are and I’m all over it.

Offer me some lacklustre sandwich with wilted “fancy” greens or a heavy, dense rolls and dry chicken, and I’ll take my business elsewhere.


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