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Marina Lunga

I had an entertainment book voucher for buy one main/get one free for Marina Lunga on Darling Street. I tried a pasta dish (salmon, asparagus and penne pasta in a cream sauce), and a pizza (something with plenty of toppings).

Marina Lunga Penne Salmone

Marina Lunga Penne Salmone

The pasta was pretty lacklustre, keeping in line with the establishment itself – quiet and boring.  Flecks of salmon with a spear’s worth of asparagus. The serving of pasta was generous, although it got a bit much in the end as the sauce was bland.

Marina Lunga Pizza

Marina Lunga Pizza

The pizza base was nice, and it had plenty of toppings. Nothing to complain about here!

My dining partner was super sad that the lemon, lime and bitters was the bottled variety and not house made.

I tend not to order pasta when I’m out as it’s pretty simple to make at home and usually tastes better. To make a simple white sauce, all you need is a little butter melted, mix in some plain flour and let it cook until it’s golden, then slowly add milk until its slightly more liquid than you need. Cook for a while and add cheese of your choice. Done. To make an even simpler alfredo, just retain some of the cooking water in your pasta and stir through any cheese and a crank of pepper over low heat. Done.

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