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Il Grappolo in Rozelle

I had an amazing pizza last night with really disappointing service. I ordered takeaway for dinner, from Il Grappolo in Rozelle. It had a great rating on Urbanspoon and I was craving delicious pizza!

Alarm bells started when I called up to order, after perusing the online menu from their own website, which stated free delivery. I was told that there was a minimum purchase price of $20, after asking for the Prosciutto pizza, which WAS $20 on the website. I was charged $21 upon delivery.

I didn’t question it at the time as I don’t like to cause a fuss, but first of all the woman on the phone made it sound as though the pizza was LESS than the minimum $20 order for free delivery, and then I was asked for MORE than the purchase price on a supposedly “free delivery”.

Il Grappolo Prosciutto Pizza

Il Grappolo Prosciutto Pizza

It’s especially sad because the pizza was so yummy! I’m not a fan of misleading websites and businesses that are happy to lure people in with false promises. If you’re not happy with a minimum $20 order for free delivery (to a location which is 850 metres away!) then say so, amend your policies to a minimum order you are happy with, or tell the customer on the phone the true price and don’t advertise free delivery.
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Cafe Chennai and fabulous Dosai

Cafe Chennai

Cafe Chennai – Yum!

I’m a fan of Indian food! I recently found out about an Indian restaurant called Cafe Chennai. It is to the North of Adelaide what Delhi Spice is to the South of Adelaide – your one stop, cheap shop for all things delicious in curry form!

Located in a less than ostentatious shop on Main North Road at the Northpark Shopping Centre opposite Sefton Plaza, it houses a pretty cool car that makes it smell a little like petrol but makes for interesting decor.

Their food is amazing – cheap, tasty, with a range of dishes. I recommend the Dosai, as well.

Masala Dosai at Cafe Chennai

Masala Dosai at Cafe Chennai

Recommended for yummy eat in or takeaway which fits all the requirements – cheap, cheerful and, most importantly, tasty.

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